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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Joss Stone Part Two

Introducing Joss Stone has become part of my daily routine, I listen as I catch up on my correspondence and get up to dance at points :)

I had to do it, I bought, 'The Soul Sessions' and 'Mind, Body and Soul' her first two releases. This has also rekindled my interest in R&B.

In other listening:

Bill Laswell: lo def pressure
Material: Intonarumori
Gigi: gold and wax

la la la la la

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Joss Stone

Introducing Joss Stone

First listen I was stunned at how underwhelmed I was, like totally underwhelmed. I had seen her perform on the telly several times and was suitably impressed dancing in my seat wondering if I should go out and sample her musical wares. So, I finally did, second-hand of course and was underwhelmed. So sad.

A week or so later I gave it another listen and was entranced and danced about my kitchen, bed and bathrooms and here I am seated still dancing. I blame the initial poor impression on my equalizer, which on that first, dismal sampling betrayed me with tin and muddied clarity.

Dance, dance, dance, and dance in my dancing shoes.


la la la la la