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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Good Listening 5, 7 &6.

Vernon Reid & Masque Other True Self on Favoured Nation

Pat Metheny & Ornette Coleman Song X: Twentieth Anniversary

In the Court of the Crimson King: An Observation by King Crimson
37 years, still fresh and tasty.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Everybody, put your hands together.

Good listening this week? Yes. All I've been listening to is Led Zeppelin's Third Album.

Working with a transcription I'm learning to play, 'Out on the Tiles.'

Tried to find the new Vernon Reid/Masque album this week. It was released Tuesday but no one had it. No one. I suspect I'll have to get it over the web or order it through a store.

And coming up: International Festival Musique Actuelle Victoriaville. If only I can get away, hmm.

la la la la la

Friday, April 14, 2006

who said, "so little time?"

Les Claypool Of Whales and Woe Tour coming to Toronto July 21. and Les has a new album of the same title coming out May 30, oh yeah!

Tony Levin Band coming to Toronto's Lee's Palace Sunday May 28.

and what else? Television coming to town June 9 at the Phoenix. How apropos.

should I go to all of them? Yes. Will I. I'll let you know.

la la la la la

Saturday, April 08, 2006

sometime this year the flaming lips and sonic youth will tour together

In the late 80's in my last years of university and living in a condemned building I would listen to Brave New Waves a late night radio show on the CBC. Now, when I'm up late, which doesn't happen as often as it did in university, I'll listen, always hoping to hear something I can sink my teeth into. It was at that time that I first heard, The Whitey Album by Ciccone Youth. It was part of a show about Sonic Youth and their emergence from early 80's no wave/punk and the New York experimental music scene.

Now, it's been remastered along with their first album, Sonic Youth. Did I mention Good Listening! That's right, crank it, enjoy it for what it is. It's rock and roll, bodiddly!

And in other news, The Flaming Lips have released a new album, At War With The Mystics. On first listen it's not their greatest but it is different from their last outing. More listening is required.

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