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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Dancing in the Sunshine

Added a link to PitchFork which provides music news and reviews.

Still working on the recording of 'Umbilical'. I've rewritten the 128bpm section and still need to rehearse it a little more to get a better recording.

'Last man on the Road' needs a bridge which I hope to come up with soon.

You may have noticed that I've removed a number of links, some of which no longer went anywhere or I had lost interest in.

la la la la la

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Tasty Listening Morsels

Tom Waits Mule Variations

Ministry Houses of the Mole

Neil Young Greendale

Abyssinia Infinite f. Ejigayehu "GiGi" Shibabaw Zion Roots

and I've started putting music to 'Last Man on the Road' which in it's simplicity may be recorded completely before I finish with 'Umbilical'

la la la la la

Friday, April 22, 2005

last man on the road

more signs
no brakes
no trees
no hate
last man on the road
last man on the road eat's dead crow

save your breath
eat gas
no trees
no past
a saga to know
the last man on the road
eat's dead crow

no lies
no trees
no hate
last man alive eats crow
dying on the road
last death on the road
last man on the road
to eat dead crow.

The closest I get to country is Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Currently listening to Greendale. I bought this two years ago because it was with Crazy Horse. It also came with a DVD containing a solo Neil Young performance of Greendale. Two summers ago I popped it in the CD player of a rental car I used to go to Tofino and other places between here and there. Well I didn't take it out until I returned the car. Great driving music for those days on the road spent hurtling along tree and rock lined roads. And then I didn't listen to it again till now and I find that I missed it. Later, I'll watch the DVD.

How many more times will I listen to 'Tonights the Night' before I die?

la la la la la

Friday, April 15, 2005

let us begin

Finally! a bass part and now begins the construction, now that all my materials are in one place

No predictions on when it will be open for listening. Stay tuned!

Should I buy the Naked City: The Complete Studio Recordings online or wait for it to arrive in stores? hmm?

la la la la la

Saturday, April 09, 2005

'Umbilical' update.

Ready to record 'Umbilical' with all the changes I've made. This may take me several days for the first attempt. Still no bass guitar part but that should come once I've recorded all the other guitar parts.

la la la la la