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Friday, May 27, 2005

Sunshine Coast Road Trip

Haven't touched a guitar all week. Been driving up and down the Sunshine Coast for part of that and catching up on sleep for another part of that. Listening to 'Mezmerize' by 'System of a Down' while driving is excellent for maintaining a constant velocity. A hitchhiker, however, didn't like it and asked me if I had anything mellow to listen to, hmm. So, we listened to 'Abyssinia Infinite' with Gigi and bill laswell. She didn't like that either, tsk, tsk. I thought it was mellow.

la la la la la

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Umbilical Part 616

Well that's it I'm committed to starting from scratch with the recording of this song. Tweaking leads to more tweaking to more tweaking to the shaking of my multidimensional heads. Back to the ever loving ever evolving drawing board (glorious in my unhyphenated unlaundered propensity).

In other news: System of a Down's 'Mezmerize' , perhaps I could call this new metal or in the words of others 'nuovo metal'. Oh yes, it's become my next roadtrip soundtrack. More, on that, later.

la la la la la

Friday, May 20, 2005

Umbilical and friends

Well, I'm going to re-record everything is what I'd been thinking all week. Then, I listened to it again and thought, ok, I'll rerecord the bass and one guitar track and tweak the vocals and that should do it.

I wonder if Don has done anything with those lyrics I sent him. If not, I may just do something with them myself.

'Last man on the Road' still needs an instrumental bridge. I had the perfect one which I didn't record because I figured it will come back to me. But it didn't which doesn't mean that it won't but until then...arggh: record Record RECORD RECORD! DAMMIT!

Glad I got that out.

la la la la la

System of a Down

Huh, to my surprise I like the current 'System of a Down' release, 'Mezmerize'. Any of you who are familiar with this band may say, 'yeah, so?' Or you may not. I was captivated by a video I saw for the single 'B.Y.O.B.' The vocalists remind me of Frank Zappa and Jello Biafra at different times over the course of the album. Lyrically they're social critics, particularly 'B.Y.O.B' with the line, "why do they always send the poor" and insinuating that our good times or corporate good times rely on our armies.

Upon a little research I find that one of the singers/guitar player has collaborated with Tom Morello, currently guitar player for 'Audioslave' formerly of 'Rage Against the Machine' to which I say cool! But what have they collaborated on you might ask? An organization and website called 'Axis of Justice' Interesting stuff and perhaps soon there will be a new Audioslave album to review or listen to.

You can fit this album in the metal genre easily. Which sub-genre, death, black, speed or doom I'm not certain. I am certain that it's melodic and presents surprises to the listener as it varies from middle eastern influences to hispanic so maybe I'll call it mediterranean metal even though it is from California.

At 36 minutes it's a short listen but for someone who grew up with 40 minute vinyl it's perfect and I don't have to listen to 30 minutes of filler/dreck. Check out their website to sample some of their music.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

What's the status of Umbilical?

I know you're all wondering when I'm going to finish Umbilical.

I have to rerecord one of my vocal tracks. I need to finish recording the bass parts and the second guitar parts. Then of course I have to change sections of the drum part.

I continue rehearsing 'last man on the road' I won't begin recording that until I come up with an instrumental bridge.

Heavy listening this week:

King Crimson's DVD, Deja Vroom.

The Mars Volta's Deloused in the Comatorium.

la la la la la

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Lyrics for Don

I told my friend Don I would send him some lyrics, here they are:

Stranger’s candy dancing waiters
Merging headlights headless construction site

Take the baseballs home
Read Jules Verne alone
Save another rainy day
Smashing old telephones

Murder’s dandy practice teachers
Surging highways roadside attraction bleachers

Find the pale boys home
Stay outside the door
Save another rainy day
Smashing old telephones

Now it all makes sense
outside the electric fence
30 years have come have left
Ask me then about memory’s tense
Could I have partied
With time traveling elephants?

Take the pale boys home
Read Jules Verne stoned
Wear another woman’s dress
Save another rainy day
Smashing old telephones.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

it's all circus music baby

a dwarf waits outside with a fire extinguisher
I dance inside to circus music
the chihuahuas across the courtyard taunt me with their hairless chests
I dance inside to put out the flame
the barking subsides and the walls collude in three dead languages
I tango around in green stiletto heels
words from another three languages remind me to dance.

out on the horizon merry-go-rounds
thousands of merry-go-rounds
millions of merry-go-rounds
billions upon billions of merry-go-rounds spin sadly.

fire burns worlds turn
mothers birth into massive urns
dwarves wander about with bags of lime
putting out the stench.

A hundred jars of glaucomic sheep’s eyes
witness my tango with history
filled with decay and corruption and boxes
filled with the language of unspoken greetings
filled with ardour
dancing around my room
wearing a hole in a rug
friction comes, entropy blows
and a dwarf waits outside with a fire extinguisher.

la la la la la